After completing three years, students will receive a Certificate in Biblical Studies, and if they wish they can also obtain that same certificate from Logos University.

Students will finish with a total of 45 credits.

Students can also continue their studies and earn an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies, by completing 60 credits and then continue to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies by completing 120 credits.

AO Bible College works in partnership with Logos University, a Christian educational institution accredited by the American Federation of Christian Colleges and Universities, the Association of International Schools and Universities, and the Florida Board of Independent Universities.

At the end of the three years, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance in Bible Studies.

Attendee Students must still register. The only difference is that they do not take exams.

A choice that makes a difference.

AO Bible College opened its doors in 1990. We have years of experience to help and encourage you in your calling and purpose in the Lord.


We have a team of highly qualified professors with extensive experience in the ministerial field, teaching solid foundations of the Word of God.


To date, we have graduated hundreds of students, many of which exercise their calling as pastors, teachers, among other leadership positions within the body of Christ.


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